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Tan Music Academy is a leading provider of online Royal Conservatory of Music Theory training. From Level 5 to ARCT, fulfill your RCM Theory requirements from the comfort of home.

The Summer Session for Harmony and Analysis has begun. It's not too late to enroll! The examinations take place August 9-10. Learn History and Intermediate Theory anytime. Find out how convenient online RCM Theory can be. Openings are limited, so register early!

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From Level 5 Theory to Harmony to Analysis, we have your RCM theory requirements covered!

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Intermediate Theory

Learn Levels 5 through 8 Theory with a guided approach to the Celebrate Theory textbooks as well as the exam. Have your weekly assignments corrected and returned to you with feedback directly from me!

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Harmony and Counterpoint

Fulfill your harmony and counterpoint requirements through these thorough and enriching courses. Levels 9,  10, and ARCT with weekly live tutorials available!


From listening examples, quizzes, and assignments to live tutorials, you will have everything you need! All material is specifically designed for success on the online examination!

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Need the finishing touch for your ARCT diploma? Complete your studies with this culmination of all things music theory. Weekly live tutorials available!

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The Summer Harmony/Analysis Session 2024 begins in


Our Top Performers. Congratulations!

Isabel Kaempfer, Washington USA      ARCT Analysis, 95%

Dylan Sanchez, Oakville ON         ARCT Harmony, 95%

Amy ShafeyEdmonton AB       ARCT History, 98%

Ryan Li, Calgary AB       Level 10 Harmony, 92%

Raymond Tian, Mississauga ON    Level 10 History, 100%

Emma Cai, Brampton ON      Level 9 Harmony, 95%

Scott Liu, Mississauga ON        Level 9 History, 98%

Kaitlyn Chou at RCM Convocation

Tan Music Academy

Success Story

Mr. Tan taught all three of my children. I cannot thank him and praise him enough for what he was able to do for my kids. He’s helped them complete all of the theoretical requirements for the Associate Diploma (ARCT), one of RCM’s highest academic standings, in a timely and cost-effective manner. More importantly their learning experience has been very pleasant.

Mr. Tan is very knowledgeable and patient. He has a positive attitude and attends to the unique needs of his students, with the goal of helping them learn the material as easily as possible. He also understands the challenges of students juggling regular school work with their music studies, thus he answers questions and gives feedback in a timely manner. Overall, I highly recommend Mr. Tan and his online courses if you are looking for expert teaching in a convenient and enjoyable learning environment.

Karen Chou, Mississauga ON

Your teacher

Stephan Tan

MusBac., M.A., ARCT

Gain valuable insight into your RCM Theory course through learning with Stephan Tan, a member of the RCM College of Examiners for Theory. A lifelong student, Stephan has accumulated his knowledge of history and theory with education at the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as the University of Toronto. With over 25 years experience in teaching RCM Theory, you’re being taught by one of the very best!