Accelerated Intermediate Theory Lesson Plan

Follow this lesson plan if you are learning from Level 5 but would like to accelerate the process to a higher level. Simply move on to the next step once you’ve reached the desired level. You must be enrolled in all the theory courses up to the level you wish you learn. You will need the Celebrate Theory textbooks for each level you will be going through.

The suggested homework is the textbook exercises for your level only. For example, if you’re planning on taking the Level 7 Theory exam, follow the lesson guide up to the Level 7 unit and only complete the homework in the Level 7 textbook.

View the lessons in the following order.

Lesson 1: Pitch, Notation, Keys, and Scales, Transposition

Level 5 Unit One > Level 5 Unit Three > Level 6 Unit Two > Level 7 Unit Two > Level 8 Unit Three

Lesson 2: Rhythm

Level 5 Unit Two > Level 6 Unit Three > Level 7 Unit Three > Level 8 Unit Four

Lesson 3: Intervals

Level 5 Unit Five > Level 6 Unit Four > Level 7 Unit Four > Level 8 Unit Five

Lesson 4: More Transposition, Transposing Instruments, C-clefs

Level 7 Unit Five > Level 8 Unit Two

For Level 6, skip ahead.

Lesson 5: Chords and Harmony (including Cadences)

Level 5 Unit Seven > Level 6 Unit Five > Level 7 Unit Six > Level 8 Unit Six

Lesson 6: Melody Writing and Composition

View the lesson only for your level.

Level 6 Unit Six OR Level 7 Unit Seven OR Level 8 Unit Seven

Lesson 7: Music History

View the lesson only for your level.

Level 6 Unit 7 OR Level 7 Unit Eight OR Level 8 Unit Eight

Lesson 8: Form and Analysis (optional)

Read through Level 6 Unit Eight OR Level 7 Unit Nine OR Level 8 Unit Nine

Exam Walkthrough

Proceed to the exam walkthrough of your desired level. This is found in the online course module after the textbook material. You will need the Official Examinations 2018 edition of your level.


Now it’s your turn to practice! Complete examinations from other years (2017, 2019 etc.) and either have your private teacher correct them for you or send them to me for evaluation. More information about submitting work to me can be found on the online course module.

Best of luck!