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This is an online course that will prepare you to take the RCM ARCT History Online Examination. The examination is online and may be taken at your convenience. You will build on your knowledge gained from Level 9 and 10 History and delve further into two historical musical eras, the Romantic and Modern. This course will focus on representative composers and compositions with a heavy emphasis on specifically what is needed to know to succeed on the exam. Students will complete an independent study essay discussing one of three possible topics.

When do I need this course?


Students of RCM ARCT should have completed the Levels 9 and 10 History exams as well as the Level 8 Theory and Levels 9 and 10 Harmony examinations. This history exam is required to obtain the ARCT Diploma.


In addition to ARCT History, students need to complete ARCT Harmony and Analysis in order to obtain the ARCT Diploma.

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Here's How ARCT History

Online Works

Online Course Module

The online course will be added to your profile page. There you will see the entire course where you can follow each step from video lessons to homework.

Lessons and Extra Help

Each week, students will first view video lessons covering the material for each musical composition. There are quizzes and essay assignments assigned for each era. A multitude of review quizzes will be available towards the end of the course, and the final exam will be your last step before taking the RCM Level 10 Online Examination. Students have seven-day a week access to Stephan Tan in order to ask questions and receive extra help.


Students will be assigned essay homework to help prepare for the written component of the online examination. Students will be guided throughout the process for the independent study essay. Essay writing is an important component of the exam, and you will have the personal assistance of Stephan Tan whenever you require it.

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What Exactly Will I Learn?

  • An in-depth look at the musical style and context of two historical musical eras; Romantic and Modern
  • The lives and musical styles and contributions of representative composers from each era
  • Important works of music composed by the representative composers
  • The ability to discuss musical matters regarding these eras using appropriate terminology
  • The ability to aurally and visually distinguish the music from these respective eras

What Should I Know Before I Start?

For RCM ARCT History, it is recommended that students complete Level 9 and 10 History prior to taking the course. However, no prior knowledge beyond the musical experience students have already achieved is absolutely necessary in order to succeed. In theory, History examinations may be taken in any order.

Like any history course, you will be expected to memorize a significant amount of information in order to succeed on the online examination. This course has all the resources you will need to not only pass but to excel. Unlike ARCT Harmony, 90+, even 100% is achievable through the Tan Music History program.

You might be wondering what separates the Tan Music program from other online RCM  History courses. Our course targets the specific information necessary to succeed on the exam. From score  identification review quizzes to terms and associated composition quizzes to an abundance of essay exercises, students have everything necessary to excel. On top of all this, students have me, Stephan Tan, as their personal assistant throughout the learning process. I will not only assist you on completing the independent study essay, I will ensure you have the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve a high mark on the exam. My personal goal is the success of each student.

Why are there no weekly live classes?

Because the online examination can be taken anytime, students have the flexibility to begin this course at a time that is convenient. It will not be necessary to wait until the start of a new online theory session. This course is easy to follow and the necessary knowledge for the exam is clearly emphasized.

Ready To Start?

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