Cancellation Policy

Tan Music Academy has one of the most flexible rescheduling policies of all music schools in Brampton. Here are some points that outline our policy more clearly.

Students who wish to reschedule must give at least 24 hours notice to the teacher. If less notice is given, lessons may be rescheduled only at the discretion of the teacher. Same-day notice may be given for students who are ill.

If you attempt to contact the school to notify us of absence with less than 24 hours notice, there is no absolute guarantee that the teacher will receive the message on time. Nevertheless, we do allow same-day notice to be given in case of illness. We feel it is important that the students not feel pressured to come to the lesson sick. It is in the best interest of the student to stay home and rest. Recovery can be made more quickly and the risk of passing on contagious illnesses to teachers and fellow students is avoided.

If you forget to come to the lesson or forget to call in advance, we cannot offer a makeup lesson. However, a phone call would still be appreciated even after the fact.

We will do our best to accommodate an alternate lesson time in case of reschedules. We also ask that you exhibit the same spirit of compromise when arranging an alternate time to have the lesson.

Lesson fees will only be deducted from the following month’s invoice in the following cases: 1) teacher absence; 2) school closures due to inclement weather; 3) if the student is away on vacation, as long as the school is notified in advance.

If a teacher is absent for any reason, an alternate lesson time may be offered to you. However, you may also request that the lesson fee be deducted from the following month.

Lesson fees will not be deducted for any other reason than is noted above. We will do our best to accommodate an alternate time for a rescheduled class.

What constitutes “inclement weather”? We will cancel classes during periods of heavy snow or freezing rain. Please call the school or check our website before you leave home if you are in doubt as to whether or not classes will occur. The information will appear on our voicemail greeting message as well as on our website. If classes are ongoing and you are still wary of driving in less than optimal conditions, please call us in advance and we will be glad to offer you a rescheduled lesson.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.