Will Learning RCM Harmony Online Work For Me?

online rcm theory

If this is your first experience with online theory, you may a little concerned with whether this learning format will be effective for you. The important thing to remember is that convenient doesn’t mean easy. Harmony material is much different than Intermediate Theory. It’s more advanced and requires a lot of study. It’s a lot like learning a new language. However, if you study hard and do everything required of you in this course to the best of your ability, you will achieve results, just like the hundreds of students who have already successfully completed their RCM examinations. Have a look at some of our recent results!

How does it work?

rcm harmony online level 10

There are several components to each of the harmony courses we offer. Completing each diligently will be essential to your understanding of the material. The live tutorials will give us a chance to reinforce the topics learned in the video lessons by working through textbook examples together. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have!

  • Weekly video-lesson viewing assignments
  • Weekly live tutorials
  • Weekly written homework assignments to be submitted for evaluation
  • Completion of practice exams to be submitted for evaluation

What Do I Need?

You will primarily be using the Harmony textbooks written by Mark Sarnecki. The new Celebrate Theory Harmony textbooks are also wonderful resources, however for the average learner, the Mark Sarnecki books are much easier to follow and understand. If you are unable to find these textbooks for purchase, they will be available to you as a PDF download in your registration package.

Required Textbooks

  • Basic Harmony (Level 9), Intermediate Harmony (Level 10, Advanced Harmony (ARCT) by Mark Sarnecki
  • The most recent three editions of RCM Previous Examination Papers for the appropriate level

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