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The RCM now offers an online exam for Levels 9 and 10 History (ARCT coming soon) in lieu of the written exam. Our history courses will prepare you for either the online exam (which is highly recommended) or the written exam if you have a strong desire to do that format. Our course content contains easy to follow video lessons describing each composition you’re responsible for knowing, a glossary of terms and notes, online quizzes, listening tests as well as practice exams and much more.

Before you register for your history exam, highly consider the online test instead. It is done from the comfort of your home and, along with Level 9 Harmony and Counterpoint, will serve as a pre-requisite to obtaining your Level 9 RCM certificate.

How Does It Work?

Each course consists of video lessons, online content, as well as assignments and quizzes to be completed on a regular basis. The content is specifically geared toward helping you prepare for either exam format, written or online. Best of all, there is a weekly live tutorial during which you will have the opportunity to ask any question you may have whether it is about course material or exam components. Once you enroll, you will have immediate access to the course content and you may get started right away! Consult our course schedule for live tutorial days and times.

What Do I Need?

The course content will follow the content in the Celebrate Theory History textbooks. There are many other resources that may be useful for you to consult, but the essential elements are:

  • Celebrate Theory: Level 9, 10, or ARCT
  • The three most recent editions of RCM Previous Examination Papers for the appropriate level

The Best Program for RCM History

Compare what we have to offer with other available online programs. You will find that our program has fantastic value, and the weekly live tutorials will put your mind at ease. Take the course with confidence knowing that a knowledgeable, experienced, RCM examiner is by your side every step of the way! See how our students have done!

  • online content, quizzes, tests and more
  • excellent value
  • weekly live tutorials

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