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How To Enroll

New Students


Step 1: Register

If you are a new student, your first step will be to fill out a registration form here. Remember that the student will use the login information you set to login and access the course content. You will need this login info to register for future courses.


Step  2: Login

Once you have submitted the registration form, you should already be logged in. Double check and if you're not, log in here.


Step 3: Select your course

Once you're logged in, head over to the course selection page here. Select your course and submit your payment.


Step 4: Begin your course!

You will find your course at the Profile page. If you don't see it there, let us know and we'll take care of it! You're welcome to get started straight away, though the live tutorials will not begin until the specified day and time. Good luck!

Returning Students


Step 1: Login

If you are a returning student, do not fill out a new registration form.  The next thing you must do is login. Use the login credentials you set up when you registered the first time. If you don't remember them, contact us and we will gladly send them to you.


Step 2: Select your new course

Once you have logged in, go to the course selection page here. Select your new course and submit your payment.


Step 3: Begin your course!

Click on your course at your My Courses and get started! You're welcome to start the course anytime, but remember that the live tutorials will not begin until the specified day and time. But we're so glad to decided to return for more! Good luck on your new course!