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Interested in playing the flute?  Want to help your son or daughter build their lung capacity and learn skills that apply to other wind instruments?

Our Kinderflute I group classes may be exactly what you’re looking for!  Here, students learn basic musical concepts [like learning to read music and rhythms] all while playing the flute and having fun.  With a maximum class size of 8 students and flute assistants in every class, students will build their teamwork skills while getting personalized guidance & instruction.

$20/45-minute class, each class session is 12-16 weeks: Offered Thursdays

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Have you played the flute for a while and want to improve your playing or reimagine yourpractice routine?

Are you tired of practicing alone and want the experience of playing with other like-minded flutists?

If you answered yes to any of the above, than our Kinderflute II class is just for you!  Here, we explore small chamber pieces, fute ensemble music, and more advance musical concepts [like ear training, tuning, alternate fingers, and more] all while listening, playing games, learning new music, and challenging one another in a fun group setting!

$20/45-minute class, each class session is 12-16 weeks: Offered Thursdays

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Kinderflute was created by award-winning flute pedagogue Kathy Blocki.  In 2011, Kathy developed a teacher training programme to promote this remarkable new method through qualified teachers around the world.  Kinderflute Canada founder, Stéphanie Superle, is thrilled to introduce this phenomenal new teaching method to Canada:

 “Kathy Blocki’s systematic approach to developing aspiring young flutists is completely revolutionary.  By incorporating group play, music games, movement activities, and a well-rounded curriculum to develop impeccable tone & technique, students of all ages are engaged through active learning.  Kathy’s team of Kinderflute certified teachers are able to create a dynamic and inspired learning environment that’s a whole lot of fun for students of every age!”

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