About Analysis

The RCM Analysis course is basically a culmination of every bit of music theory you have ever learned. Through the examination of four important genres and trends, you will put your music theory knowledge to the test. You will study the structure of the fugue, sonata and rondo, the 19th century art song, as well as several Modern Era trends. Structural analysis, chord symbol analysis, as well as basics such as scale and chord types will be covered as well as much, much more. In Analysis, it’s not so much about learning new concepts and ideas — it’s about putting into practice what you already know.

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How It Works

The course consists of video lessons and weekly live tutorials covering in detail the four types of questions found on the RCM Analysis exam. The primary focus will be completing and reviewing previous RCM Analysis examinations. This guided approach will assist you in becoming as familiar as possible with the intricacies of each genre and help you understand what to expect on the exam. See how previous students have done!

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What You Need

The Celebrate Theory: Analysis textbook will be used for study and as a valuable reference, but the previous examination papers are key.

  • Celebrate Theory: Analysis
  • the 3 most recent editions of RCM Preious Examination Papers: Analysis

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