Payments must be made in advance in either of the following two methods:

1) For the upcoming month before the month begins


2)Pre-authorized credit card payment

Payments would be processed on the first day of each month.


Lessons begin promptly on the predetermined day and time each week. Lesson times will not be extended for students who arrive late. Parents who drop off their child(ren) should not be late in picking them up.

Students who wish to reschedule lessons must give at least 24 hours notice to their teacher. If less notice is given, lessons may be rescheduled only at the discretion of the teacher. The teacher reserves the right to refuse to reschedule lessons with insufficient notice for any reason, and also to those who habitually reschedule with or without sufficient notice. Exception: Same-day notice may be given for students who are legitimately ill.

If you forget to attend your lesson, a makeup lesson will not be offered and you will lose that lesson.

Missed lessons will not be deducted from the following term’s invoice except in case of: 1) teacher absence; 2) inclement weather. Invoices of future months may be adjusted if the student has a planned vacation, provided at least two weeks notice is given. There are no exceptions to this policy. Once an invoice is issued, the amount shown is the amount due. Any deductions due for that month will appear on the following term’s invoice
Lessons may be terminated by the school for the following reasons: 1) Consistent lack of practice by the student; 2) Failure to regularly attend lessons; 3) Fees consistently paid late; 4) Poor student behavior.

At least two weeks notice is required should you no longer wish to continue lessons.

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