Before purchasing your first guitar, it is important to be aware of what type of music you are considering learning.

Classical guitar

Easily identified by the nylon strings and by the slightly wider spacing of the strings. Students are able to proceedthrough the RCM method as a classical guitarist. It is the most challenging of guitar types, but its study yields some of the greatest rewards as some of the world’s most beautiful music is written for the classical guitar.

Acoustic guitar
All six strings of the acoustic guitar are steel, and the strings are placed slightly closer together than those of a classical guitar. If your goal as a guitar student is to learn to play various chord progressions and perhaps even learn to sing while playing, then an acoustic guitar may be for you. Although its construction makes it ideal for chord strumming, finger-picking intricate melodies is certainly possible on an acoustic guitar.

Electric guitar
As an electric guitar student, it may be your intention in the future to play in a band. While electric guitar courses here at Tan Music are available, openings are very limited. However, if you are a beginner and wish to learn to play the electric guitar, it is often recommended that you learn the basics on an acoustic guitar first.