Learning to sing is an endeavor unlike the study of any other instrument since it is your voice, or yourself, that is the instrument.

Although everyone can take voice lessons and improve their singing ability, becoming a skilled and accomplished vocalist is largely dependent on natural talent.

What singing styles do you teach?

For a classical-based training, we offer the RCM voice curriculum for all levels. We also offer training in other musical styles, and also give vocal students access to our recording facilities to create a collection of songs they have learned.
The vocal exercises and techniques a vocal student learns may be difficult for a younger student to accomplish, however, this does not exclude younger students from taking lessons. Please call to arrange a consultation to determine if vocal lessons are for you. And remember, when arriving to your first vocal lesson or even to a consultation, please try to have a song prepared that you can sing.
 One of the biggest obstacles to overcome in becoming a successful singer is the apprehension of performing in front of others. Every vocal student must be committed to overcoming this since every lesson is, essentially, a performance.

Can you prepare me for my audition?

If you are already an accomplished vocalist and are interested in vocal coaching for preparation for university entrance auditions, musical theatre auditions, or even assistance in preparing musical theatrical roles, please contact us for information on what programs would be best for you.