clarinet on music

The production of sound through a woodwind instrument involves the breath of the performer.

Therefore, we would not generally recommend the study of woodwinds for very young beginners as producing a sufficient amount of breath to achieve proper tone can be laborious.
Another consideration is that woodwind instruments must be held and some woodwinds (such as the saxophone) are quite large and unsuited to the very young beginner. A suitable age to begin lessons on woodwinds is at least 9 or 10 years old.

Which woodwind instruments do you offer?

We currently offer flute, clarinet and saxophone lessons. RCM curriculum is available for these instruments, but if you are currently playing in a school band or ensemble and would like assistance with your studies there, we can assist you in that regard as well.
Tan Music also offers a woodwind ensemble program in which students may prepare pieces in groups of 3-5 for performances in concerts or recitals.