RCM Levels 5-8 Theory: Free Trials Available

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Our online RCM Intermediate Theory Online courses Levels 5-8 are convenient and effective. Want to give it a try first? Register and enroll in the free trial. Have your first assignment corrected and returned to you free of charge. Like what you see? Enroll in the full course! Accelerated lesson plans are also available if you'd like to take a higher level exam.

Included In Each Course


Video lessons explaining all relevant topics from the RCM Celebrate Theory series.


Video lessons explaining every question on the exam for each level.


Quizzes on each unit and report card features coming soon!


Homework and practice exam correction -- I will personally monitor your progress on a weekly basis.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Learning Levels 5 through 8 RCM Theory has never been easier or more affordable with our Intermediate Video Series.

How it works

Each level contains a series of lessons that may be completed on a weekly basis, or at a pace comfortable for the student. The weekly material is presented in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. At the conclusion of each lesson, students are given specific instructions on which assignments to complete. Homework assignments are submitted to me for correction, and they are returned to you within 24 hours with feedback. Lessons are available for unlimited viewing from the time of purchase until the exam date.

How easy are the courses?

As with any learning endeavor, the Intermediate Theory Video Series requires dedication and diligence. No task can be done properly without proper attention. Students must be willing to put in the necessary time and effort into learning the material effectively. Completing and submitting the weekly assignments are essential to success. Once the course content is complete, students are expected to complete practice exams as outlined in the course schedule. These will be evaluated and returned with feedback.

What do I need?

You will need the following textbooks:

  • Celebrate Theory textbook for your level
  • Celebrate Theory Answers Levels 5-8
  • Official Examination Papers 2017-2019 Editions

Want to give it a try?

Register and enroll in the free trial! Complete the work for week one, submit the homework and receive feedback. There is no obligation to continue, but I'm confident you will!