RCM Level 9 Harmony and Counterpoint Online

This is a twelve week course (eleven for the summer session) that will prepare you for the RCM written examination. In RCM Level 9 Harmony and Counterpoint, you will learn 4-part harmonic writing, two-part counterpoint, composition, form and analysis and more.

When do I need this course?


Students of RCM Level 9 should be learning harmony in addition to practical lessons. The exam for RCM Level 8 Theory is required before learning this course.


In addition to Level 9 Harmony, students need to complete RCM Level 9 History and the Level 9 practical exam to receive Level 9 certification.

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Here’s How

RCM Level 9 Harmony

Online Works

Online Course Module

The online course will be added to your profile page. There you will see the entire course where you can follow each step from video lessons to homework.

Lessons and Tutorials

Each week, students will first view video lessons covering the material of the week. On the appropriate day and time, students will then log into a live, one hour online class to receive further instruction.


Students will be assigned homework to be submitted on a weekly basis. This work will be evaluated and returned to each student with valuable feedback. Eventually, complete previous examinations will be assigned which will also be graded and returned with feedback.

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What Exactly Will I Learn?

  • The principles of 4-part (SATB) writing; how the voices fit and move together in an appropriate manner
  • The construction and use of various chords: I, ii and ii7, iii, IV, V and V7, vi, vii and their inversions
  • The construction and use of secondary dominants and how to modulate to different keys
  • Two-part counterpoint: adding a melody over a bass line
  • Completing Bach chorales, 4-part harmonizations in which a number of voices will be missing
  • Analysis of musical excerpts: labeling chords and identifying notes that do not belong in these chords
  • Analysis of a two-part invention, an imitative, polyphonic composition
  • Formal analysis of a composition in either binary or tenary form; identification of cadences within the composition
  • Composition of a sixteen-measure composition in rounded binary form

What Should I Know Before I Start?

Learning RCM Level 9 Harmony and Counterpoint does require you to know certain things in order to complete the course successfully. Before starting, you must have completed Level 8 Theory. Review in particular the following concepts:

  • key signatures
  • chords and chord symbols
  • intervals
  • cadences in chorale style

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You might be wondering why I use the Basic Harmony textbook rather than the Celebrate Theory one. While the Celebrate Theory textbook is a wonderful book, I feel that the Basic Harmony text is much easier to follow, especially for younger students. The presentation is simpler and explains the concepts very clearly. Don't worry about the 2016 Syllabus requirements. We cover everything you need to know for the exam!

Weekly Live classes take place on

Thursdays at 8:00pm Eastern time

Spring Session: February to may

Summer session: May to August

Fall Session: September to December

Ready To Start?

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