Harmony, History, and Analysis Online

You may be wondering if it is possible to learn these subjects effectively online. The course material is not easy, and you may believe that personal instruction is the best course of action. The truth is that for many students, personal instruction is the best way to learn this material. But if you are disciplined enough to complete the necessary work on schedule and diligently attend the online lectures, then I assure you, from the personal experience of guiding my online students to fantastic results, it is not only possible — it’s a certainty.

My online Harmony, Analysis and History courses are designed specifically with the student in mind. Proper comprehension of the material is of utmost importance, and my teaching methods are such that you will understand the material thoroughly and quickly. Not only will you learn the basic principles of the course material, you will also learn what to expect on your RCM examination. Your sessions will be geared towards using your knowledge to succeed at the exam.

Online Harmony

You will need to purchase the following textbooks:

Basic or Intermediate or Advanced Harmony, 2nd Edition by Mark Sarnecki

And the two most recent booklets of RCM Official Examinations for the appropriate Harmony level.

Harmony Answers worksheets available for free download


Online History

Each student will have exclusive access to my course notes. These notes are a condensed version of all necessary material that may be tested on the examination. Theoretically, you can simply take these notes, memorize its contents and do very well on the examination. Of course, I would not condone learning merely the minimum necessary. Therefore:

You must purchase the following textbook(s):


Celebrate Theory: Level 9, Level 10, or ARCT

By Janet Lopinski, Joe Ringhofer and Peteris Zarins

And the two most recent editions of the Official Examination Papers

Recommended material (although not mandatory, students will gain a more thorough understanding of course content):
The Enjoyment of Music, 12th Edition by Joseph Machlis and Kristine Forney




Celebrate Theory: Analysis
 And the 3 most recent editions of the Official Examination Papers

All of the above listed material can be purchased from your local music book retailer.